Current Projects

Rêve de Vie Publishers is currently taking submissions for a convention-themed erotica anthology. See details here.

General Submissions Guidelines

Rêve de Vie is currently interested in fiction, including erotica, featuring strong, adventurous female protagonists and fresh, engaging approaches to storytelling. Lesbian fiction, though not our specialty, is welcome.

Stories with romantic elements are welcome, but should promote healthy, nonabusive adult relationships. We prefer that the romance be secondary to the main storyline.

Science fiction and other stories in the general spectrum of speculative fiction are welcome, although we prefer stories with less emphasis on the science (not “hard sci-fi”, in other words) which focus on the impacts of technology or societal changes on characters and their lives.

Above all, we love stories with unique, even quirky, narrative voices, which allow the reader to walk a mile in another person’s shoes and to experience the characters’ journey.

Please note that at this time, we only consider completed manuscripts for acquisition. Length of the full work, with the exception of erotic shorts, should be a minimum of 50,000 words. We will consider previously self-published works.

Additionally, if you have published other works besides the one currently being submitted, please provide us with their titles, the name of the publisher, and whether they are still in print. If you have a completed manuscript you think might interest us, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in contact within eight weeks. We look forward to hearing from you!

Please do not send us unsolicited materials through the mail. We will not review such materials and do not guarantee their return. 

We will contact you via either e-mail or telephone as quickly as possible; however, depending on current submissions volumes, we may need up to the full eight weeks to respond. We appreciate your patience.

Thank you for your interest in Rêve de Vie!


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